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10.01.2005   Position of EFA group with respect to the Commission is negative.

We do not appreciate the rules when 25 nominates of the national governments have to be accepted in one vote together. This nominates representing the national elites are not concerned of the interests of regions as well of national and linguistic minorities.


The commissioner designated Frattini avoided to give any concrete answer to the question how to improve situation of ethnic minorities.  


Being MEP elected in Latvia I would like to say some words on the hearings of the commissioner designated Piebalgs. Unfortunately, his answers to the questions concerning transit of resources of energy from third countries raises questions whether there are some signs of lobbying of concrete enterprises in his position.


Nevertheless, Mr. Piebalgs is a rare example of democratically minded Latvian politician.


Unfortunately, the mainstream Latvian elite are openly xenophobic. The new Latvian Law on education is an instrument of its plans to destruct existing system of minority education.  


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