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01.02.2011   MEP Zdanoka's speech on rights to interpretation and translation to minority languages during criminal proceedings (14.06.2010)

Madam President, first of all I would like to thank Baroness Ludford for her excellent work on behalf of human rights.

I am now speaking on behalf of the European Free Alliance MEPs, representing regions and minorities. I stress that the directive also applies to non-official languages of the European Union. It means that the translation and interpretation referred to in the document should be guaranteed in regional and minority languages. For example, in those judicial districts in which the number of residents using regional or minority languages justifies it, the possibility of using such languages must be afforded. It is a pity that the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages is not yet part of the acquis but I am sure that it will be one day, and that the use of such languages in criminal proceedings will be provided for to a greater extent, although by the EU alone.


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