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30.10.2012   MEP Zdanoka's speech on External dimension of social policy (6 June 2011 - Strasbourg)

Tatjana Ždanoka (Verts/ALE ). – Mr President, as a shadow rapporteur on behalf of the Greens/EFA Group, I would like our position on this report to be quite clear. First of all, while we appreciate that the final text may be improved by the votes tomorrow, it is strong enough, and we would simply underline that the role of the International Labour Organisation should be strengthened. On this we agree with the rapporteur.

Voluntary corporate social responsibility is a good thing but the primary role in promoting and protecting human rights belongs to states and international organisations. We do not think that legally binding standards should be avoided in the field of corporate responsibility.

Violation of fundamental principles and rights at work cannot be used as a legitimate comparative advantage and we must insist, in bilateral and multilateral relations with our partners, that decent work standards are properly complied with.


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