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30.10.2012   Parliamentary questionsSubject: European Public Prosecutor, European Arrest Warrant and pre-trial detention (12 September 2012)

Jan Philipp Albrecht, Judith Sargentini, Rui Tavares, Tatjana Ždanoka, Raül Romeva i Rueda, Verts/ALE grupas vārdā

Parliament has made it clear, in a number of recent resolutions supported by the Verts/ALE Group, that it favours the strengthening of judicial cooperation within the European Union for purposes of combating fraud involving EU funds and organised crime, notably by creating a European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) under Article 86 TFEU. Parliament thus supports the Commission’s intention to propose a regulation for the EPPO in 2013.

However, Parliament, again with the support of the Verts/ALE Group, also wishes to see improvements in the way fundamental rights and proportionality are safeguarded in instruments like the European Arrest Warrant and the future European Investigation Order, as well as continued efforts to harmonise the procedural rights of suspects and accused persons in criminal proceedings.

1. How will the Commission guarantee that a future proposal for a European Public Prosecutor’s Office will guarantee and incorporate the procedural rights of suspects and accused persons?

2. Is the Commission willing to propose, in 2013, a directive on the use of pre-trial detention for suspects and accused persons in criminal proceedings, concurrently with its proposal concerning the EPPO and thus underlining its commitment to a European criminal justice system that is both effective and fair?

3. Has the Commission witnessed any significant reduction in terms of disproportionate numbers of European Arrest Warrant requests from certain Member States? If not, when will it propose the revision of the framework decision on the European Arrest Warrant?

4. Will the Commission commit itself to a firm defence of its proposal to introduce a dual defence system for European Arrest Warrant proceedings in the future directive on access to a lawyer in criminal proceedings?

5. What does the Commission propose with a view to avoiding disproportionate use of the future European Investigation Order?


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