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10.03.2016 Sergey Lavrov’s greeting to the organisers and participations of the Ninth European Russian Forum

I offer my warmest greetings to the organisers and participations of the Ninth European Russian Forum. Over the past few years, your meetings have become a respected platform for discussing a wide range of issues on the European agenda. In the current tense situation, your efforts are especially important for maintaining trust and mutual understanding on our large continent.

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07.08.2018 Willy Fautré: “There are serious human rights violations in Latvia related to the discriminatory status of the Russian-speaking minority”

We are aware of the situation of Prof. Alexander Gaponenko. He is behind bars. In custody for several months. What is shocking is the fact that, as far as we know, there is no official accusation against him. The only info we could get from open sources is that it is a state secret. This, of course, cannot be accepted by human rights NGOs and in democratic countries.

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26.07.2018 Children go native as Latvian schools say 'Nē' to Russian

The Latvian capital witnessed the latest protest on this hot topic at the beginning of June. A march from the Latvian Riflemen Monument in the centre of the city’s old town to the seat of government numbered over four thousand as drums punctuated the battle cry of “hands off Russian schools!”.

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12.11.2017 A meeting of solidarity with Catalonian political prisoners took place in Riga

Voting is not a coup! Latvian Russian Union and Left Republicans of Catalonia both support the right of nations to self-determination, as members of the European Free Alliance. On November, 10, a picket of solidarity with the detained ministers and parlamentarians took place in Riga near the Spanish embassy. Photos by Dmitгy Zhilin

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21.07.2016 Visit to Latvia by EFA MEPs, June 2016

On June 28-30, a European Free Alliance delegation has visited Latvia. MEPs Josep-Maria Terricabras, Tatjana Zdanoka and Jordi Sebastia held meetings in the port cities of Riga, Ventspils and Liepaja, related to the use of EU development funds, the linguistic rights of the Russian minority and the protection of the maritime ecosystem. A press conference in Riga concentrated upon impact of ‎Brexit‬ and the Spanish elections.

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21.04.2016 Petition to the European Parliament on rights for non-citizens

As residents of Estonia and Latvia, we would like to draw your attention to the discrepancies within electoral rights systems of these Member States. Latvia and Estonia host a large number of de facto stateless persons who are former citizens of the Soviet Union, and consequently their descendants, who do not possess the citizenship of the state that they live and do not possess citizenship of any other state. These persons are considered of "undetermined citizenship" in Estonia and "non-citizens" in Latvia. According to data provided by these countries, the number of such persons was 252,017 in Latvia and 82,341 in Estonia at the beginning of 2016. This is a tremendous portion as the total population of these countries is approximately 2 million in Latvia and 1.3 million in Estonia. These persons are not allowed to participate in the European elections. However, they are included in the calculation for the allocation of electoral seats in the European Parliament. Additionally, rights on political participation are very limited for these persons, especially in comparison to EU citizens.

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