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29.05.2018 2019 Manifesto European Free Alliance

Vote in the upcoming European elections, make your voice heard. Allow us to make your vote for all peoples of Europe and for Another Europe, be understood!

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07.02.2017 The Latvian Russian Union (Latvijas Krievu savienība) was established in January 2014

having evolved out of the former party For Human Rights in a United Latvia. It is a left wing political party which campaigns for equal rights for all residents of Latvia regardless of ethnic origin or linguistic background. It has been particularly active in defending the rights of Latvia’s ‘non-citizens’ - the almost 800,000 permanent residents of Latvia who were not granted citizenship after independence. The party has also been prominent in opposing cuts in Russian language education in a country where Russian is the mother tongue of almost 40% of the population.

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08.02.2006 Statement by “For Human Rights in a United Latvia”

July 7, 2004 on Esthonian-Latvian boarder Estonian citizen Dmitry Linter denied entry permit in Latvia. He was going from Narva to Riga on personal business. Latvian frontier authorities claimed that Dmitry Linter had no right to visit Latvia because he is “black listed”. Dmitry Linter is the leader of a youth organization of the Russian party of Estonia.

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08.02.2006 Statement by “For Human Rights in a United Latvia”

Europe will only become a democratic union if at each state’s national level all people’s opinion is taken into account, not solely elite’s position.

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08.02.2006 “For Human Rights in a United Latvia” supports trade unions

Despite the weakness of modern-day trade unions, “For Human Rights in a United Latvia” is ready to support their social dialogue initiatives in Latvia.

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21.12.2004 Party «For Human Rights in a United Latvia»

For Human Rights in a United Latvia (ForHRUL) is FOR: Equal rights and equal opportunities in the beginning of their career, it shouldn’t depend on their nationality, civil or social status or sex; society, based on solidarity principles; use of Russian language in official spheres; indisputable concession of citizenship to all Latvia aliens by registration and naturalization; adequate salary and social guarantees, appropriate to the real cost of life; providing education in mother tongue

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