Political program of Political Party “FHRUL – For Human Rights in a United Latvia”


Adopted: 03.06.2006.

1.1. The goal of FHRUL is a democratic and multicultural Republic of Latvia. We stand for sustainable development of Latvia in Europe of 21st century. This development should lead to welfare and observance of civil, social and economic rights of everyone living in the country.

FHRUL is a party of human dignity. The state must respect dignity of every person, guarantee non-interference in private life, provide the right of habitants to get and distribute objective information which will suffice for making conscious decisions both at a political choice and in an economy, social sphere, culture and education. The state is under an obligation to protect ethnic and cultural identity of all groups of population in Latvia.

FHRUL stands for consolidation of society on the basis of mutual respect and solidarity. Society of Latvia must get rid of cultivation of historical offenses, give up a suspiciousness and intolerance for people of other ethnic origin or racial group. The possibility of getting public recognition must be given to everyone – taking into account his or her benefit for society, moral qualities and capabilities. Latvian society must become including – actively integrating all its members, giving special attention to children, seniors, disabled people, unemployed persons and other socially unprotected categories of population.

FHRUL is for increasing the role of civil society. The state must delegate part of its functions to the institutions of civil society, including non-governmental organizations, mass media and religious confessions.

FHRUL is for spiritual values of world civilization which are beyond primitive priorities of a consumption society. Our party advocates careful attitude toward nature and economic use of natural resources.

1.2. Human rights can’t be guaranteed without state’s waiver of the policy of ethnic domination. FHRUL stands for acceptance of the fact that there are two communities in the country – Latvian majority and Russian-speaking minority.

Existence of two communities in Latvia is neither positive nor negative phenomenon, it’s an objective reality. Recognition of two communities entails necessity of efforts of all society on harmonizing relations between Latvian majority and Russian-speaking minority.

The ideal image of Latvia is reflected in the name of our party – “For Human Rights in a United Latvia”. Our goal is a consolidation of political Latvian nation – including both communities and all ethnic minorities, guarding their languages and having a careful attitude to their cultural legacy.

1.3. Leaning on the support of Russian-speaking community, which is the base of resistance to any discrimination, FHRUL undertakes the functions of defending social, economic and cultural interests of wide circles of population, not dividing people by language and ethnicity.

FHRUL strongly emphasizes the collaboration of all public institutes which stand against discrimination and for public reconciliation. FHRUL considers as its allies ethnic and cultural, human rights defending and other civic organizations, and also trade unions.

1.4. FHRUL is ready and able to use parliamentary methods, to participate in rulings coalitions at national and local levels, to participate in European elections, to maintain partnership with other parties in Latvia and abroad. However, it doesn’t mean that we deny the deficit of democracy in our country. FHRUL calls for reinstating a universal suffrage and abolishing mass statelessness.

The tactic of party under conditions of limited voting right is organization of mass direct actions, direct legal aid for a population, appeal to the internal and international judicial instances, bringing attention of international community to discrimination of Russian linguistic community in Latvia.