Reports of the EU Network of Independent Experts on Fundamental Rights


The EU Network of Independent Experts on Fundamental Rights has been set up by the European Commission (DG Justice, Freedom and Security), upon request of the European Parliament. Since 2002, it monitors the situation of fundamental rights in the Member States and in the Union, on the basis of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. A Report is prepared on each Member State, by a Member of the Network, under his/her own responsibility. The activities of the institutions of the European Union are evaluated in a separated report, prepared for the Network by the coordinator. On the basis of these (26) Reports, the members of the Network prepare a Synthesis Report, which identifies the main areas of concern and makes certain recommendations. The conclusions and recommendations are submitted to the institutions of the Union. The content of the Report is not binding on the institutions.

To read the full text of the Report on the Situation of Fundamental Rights in Latvia of January 3, 2005 by Professor Ineta Ziemele, please go to:

To access Thematic Comment 3 on the Protection of Minorities in the European Union of April 25, 2005 by Prof. dr. Olivier De Schutter, please go to: