On October 21, the European Parliament adopted the recommendations to the Council, the Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on relations with Belarus by 602 votes in favour, with 44 against and 44 abstentions.

This report was adopted not like in September – as hasty resolution, hurriedly concocted on the knee by opponents of the “last dictatorship of Europe”, but the document that passed through the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the preparation of which was entrusted to Lithuanian MEP Petras Auštrevičius.

Tatjana ZDANOKA, a member of the European Parliament from the Latvian Russian Union, commented on the adopted document:

“The Current report contains an unprecedented amount of lies, unproven positions and formulations. As a mathematician, I reminded of one of the rules of mathematical logic: “truth ought to be such that it could not be false; from false whatever could follow.” It is impossible to vote on some positions at all because they are not just gross facts misrepresentation, but pure lies. That’s why I voted against this report.

Here are just a few of the absurd theses, certainly, scandalous report. In the EU, for the first time, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya named as “the President-elect according to the Belarusian people”. The report referres to some calculations of her victory over Lukashenko, claiming that “independent platforms established by civil society organisations of Belarus (such as Golos-Belarus2020.org) conducted independent exit polls and analysed protocols of more than 200 PECs which released genuine results that clearly point to the fact that Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya received an absolute majority of votes (between 71.1 % and 97.6 %)”. There are no references provided to prove this thesis, and this is not by chance. Because if you try to find some exit polls data on the Golos-Belarus official site (https://golos-belarus2020.org/election?lon=27.561824&lat=53.90574&z=7), you will find out links to nothing. After deepen and browsing “Golos” and “Honest People” common web-sites with an assessment of the election results (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kSprtBUUtS1vb-W_jc4QJkPkoZPJBWxd/view), you can find there a statement that 95% of “Golos” platform users are for Tsikhanouskaya. Would like to highlight that data on “platform users” and “exit poll” are fundamentally different things!

The report’s central leitmotif is the topic of “unprecedented pressure from Russia to deepen their integration in the context of the Union State, to the detriment of the sovereignty of Belarus”. Russia Influences negotiations on oil and gas supplies; carry out “hybrid intervention“, sending journalists and “media experts“- literally, “propagandists“, constructs “unsafe” nuclear installations gives advice to the military and security forces, conducts “non-transparent” military exercises. Does no one in the EU conduct exercises near the borders of Belarus and Russia?

At the same time, the EU welcomes the actions of many political funds, which injects money into the opposition, various public organizations that allegedly help the people of Belarus.

The European Parliament wants to force Lukashenko to acknowledge created by the opposition the Coordination Council and start negotiations with it. Moreover, elections in a sovereign country should be held before the constitutional reform — as soon as possible, before the protest wave fades. In other words, no one is shy about pressure and meddling.

The report notes that the European Union is the second trading partner after Russia and that Belarus is too dependent on Russia. MEPs were also concerned about China’s investment in strategic infrastructure.

It gets better. Postulated that Belarus should follow the recommendations of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to reduce the number of state-owned enterprises and regulates too much. For example, the state obliges the private sector to pay its employees a minimum wage no lower than the average salary in the ten most successful state-owned enterprises. In other words, the authorities want the private sector to pay typical salaries, and this does not suit the European Union.

“Cherry on the cake”: the EU supports and encourages Belarus to reduce its energy dependence on Russia and look for new suppliers of oil and gas, including through the territory of the European Union. What is the proposal – buy expensive American liquefied natural gas? I see this as a signal to colonize the country, masquerading the brand “we will do you well”, but “Russia does everything terrible for you”. It is just a unique position.

The actions of the Lukashenka regime are called “criminal” and against European values, the principles of democracy and the will of the Belarusian people. At the same time, the report is voting by the elected members from the EU Member States, which, according to the same European Parliament, have a “snout in the gun”: Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria. Recall the Catalan crisis, where elected member of the European Parliament is still in prison, and the peaceful participants of the referendum treated very cruelly. Furthermore, let’s not forget France with its “yellow vests”.

A harsh assessment of the past presidential elections: fraud, arrests of candidates, harassment of journalists, unfair vote counting has a significant place in the report. I assume that many of the claims are true. But how can you evaluate someone’s election campaigns if in two EU countries – Latvia and Estonia – hundreds of thousands people have been deprived of the democratic right to vote and the right to be elected for decades? Again, indecent political hypocrisy faced.

So, those the very “European values” on which the pathos of the accusatory report on Belarus is allegedly based such as voting ballots, polling stations, candidate contests, elected deputies – for Latvian non-citizens, even at the municipal level, these are empty words. Until the legacy of classic apartheid not liquidated in the EU, it is hardly possible to brandish with abstract values, calling other states demanding accountability and do not hesitate to meddle into their Affairs.

The European Union uses a proven method of carrot and stick: we have collected all the claims for decades – from global to petty, from serious to those that “pile-up”, and on the other hand – if the country obeys, it can count on some ghostly bonuses. Only a naive man can guess what the soberly thinking Belarusians, of whom, I hope, the majority, will choose.