The Latvian Russian Union Public Statement. A New Military Drill On the Orders by Pabriks Might Cause the Country Peace of Mind

Photo: LETA Author: Zane Bitere

At the weekend of November 13-14 at the initiative of the Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks the Decisive Point previously unannounced military drills started in the proximity to the Latvian  border with Belarus. According to the Latvian Defence ministry, about 3,000 Latvian military personnel, including the Home Guard (Zemessardze), will take part in the exercises.

Artis Pabriks himself indirectly confirmed that the decision to hold the drills is related to the situation at the Polish-Belarusian border, where a large number of migrants have accumulated recently, and where the military and police forces of Poland were pulled up in order to prevent the penetration of migrants into the Polish territory.

The Latvian Russian Union perceives the decision the Latvian government and personally Artis Pabriks have taken as an activity that could lead to a response from the second party and a senseless escalation of tensions in the region. Such actions can create a situation on the Latvian border similar to the Polish one, which can lead to additional problems, primarily for the residents of the region of Latgale.

Being aware of the danger of actions like this and seeing them as absolutely inadmissable in the current political environment, The Latvian Russian Union calls on the government and personally on the Defense Minister Artis Pabriks to halt further military drills near the border with Belarus, and also avoid such unscheduled and previously unannounced drills in future.