The memory plaque at Ķīšezers is back


On September 17, 2021 the memorial plaque from the memorial stone erected at the shore of the Ķīšezers lake in Riga in memory of the liberators of Riga from the Nazi invaders was put back to the stone, according to the report by the Latvian Russian Union.

The plaque from the memorial stone disappeared from the memorial stone at the shore of the lake in the beginning of September.

The Latvian Russian Union together with the Latvian Anti-Nazi Comittee and the Historical Memory Foundation decided to restore the plaque.

Aleksey Sharipov, the chair of the Latvian Anti-Nazi Committee, tells that every year on the first Saturday after October 13, the day when in 1944 the Soviet army launched the offensive operation to liberate Riga, activists with the Latvian Anti-Nazi Committee re-enact the attack performed through the Ķīšezers lake.

Lubov Zhdanova, a board member of the Latvian Russian Union, told about the commemoration of the deeds by the soldiers of the 3rd Baltic Front that started the liberation of the Latvian capital from the Nazi occupiers.

The stolen plaque read that ”on October 12, 1944 the soldiers with the 374th and 376th rifle divisions as well as 245th special mechanized battalion started to force the Ķīšezers to liberate Riga from the German fascist occupiers”.