The spring aggravation, intensified by the fear of Covid-19″ – such was the mild diagnosis of Elite Veidemane, a nationalistic journalist well-known in certain social circles, administered by the people on the web after her verbal outbreak regarding May 9 celebration.

Afterwards, the public added – “no wonder, the publicists reflect their country.” No one desired to offend the country as a whole. For example, the advertiser Eric Stendzenieks who is one of the more well known Latvian representatives, has participated in the discussion: “Is it possible to keep the people wearing St. George’s ribbons out of private cafes?” He queried: “Who would be banned next – the gays? the Blacks?” He replied to the less discerning members of the public with: “Well, then the owners themselves would need to close their cafes.”

The story about Latvian law violation when customers wearing St. George’s Ribbons were not allowed to have lunch in one of Jurmala’s catering places, alas, disgraced Latvia once again and resulted in a further drop of its tourist rating. Fervent patriots would have to order three times a usual serving of grey peas not to let the “ideologically savvy” owner go bankrupt, since “80 per cent of Kauguri population are ethnical Russians” wrote Stenzenieks. “It is from them that this dumbhead feeds off and receives his cash turnover.

The modern fans of those who swore allegiance to Hitler and lost on the battlefield 75 years ago, today, want to take “revenge.” Whether we are talking about the Minister of Defence who proclaimed the former SS legionnaires as national heroes, or about a former politician owning Kauguri catering outlet at the timeю Today, President Levits, at the first press conference in two months, sang the same song: “We should think whether people who live in this country and consider themselves as patriots, should celebrate this day,” the president said. But all these attempts look, as in the famous statement – “I have a desire …”

So Elite Veidemane, as mentioned above, still can not calm down. We understand that her career in the central Latvian Komsomol newspaper was skyrocketing, but afterwards, the state’s power had changed. Like others from the nest of the Central Committee of the Komsomol of Latvia, Veidemane sharpened her knives while chanting front-line topics, and became the head of PFL shout.

Afterwards, when it became irrelevant, she tried to regain the interest of readers by publishing a book about men in her life. “Vīrieši manā mūžā” (“Men in My Life”) adorned a scandal, but it soon ceased to excite the audience. The Elite tried to run for the Parlament and the local authorities but had failed.

Next, she identified herself as a “publicist,” Veidemane combined in one bottle the yellowness of a “book with details” and the rhetoric of a retired woman with unfulfilled political ambitions. Heavy-hitter mixture. Unfortunately, for some reason, the ideologist of “pure politics,” “European values,” and “free journalism” without hesitation use a flask with an obnoxious odour.

Maybe it’s COVID-19 fantasies, perhaps erotic. Still, it seems that all of them became obsessive with Elite – about Latvia, which is considered a “fascist country” (“fašistiskā valstiņa”), “little people” and “quilted jackets.” About people who “showed the attitude to Latvia and its titular nation” and about who is the master in Latvia – is it the “grandchildren of the Soviet occupants”?

As usual, it has not been without lie like the German generals were allegedly hanged “in the place where now the grandchildren of the occupiers lay flowers.” Just wanted to highlight, we are talking about war criminals from whom many Latvians residents and other civilians on the territory of Latvia suffered and suffered martyrdom. They were hanged a few hundred meters from our Monument, but the pathos of Veidemane is what-in protecting the Nazis with a noose around their neck!

Additionally, she lectured and Latvians, who are “strong only with their nagging whining on the kitchen –” they can do everything, but we can do nothing” – neither on May 1 nor the 4th…”. As an example of loyalty, Veidemane directed the patriot from Jurmala catering: “he called evil and stupidity by its proper names and drove them away. But it needs courage, doesn’t it?” No, it doesn’t.

As Stendzenieks replied, such an act requires foolishness. We would like to please both “quilted jackets-grandchildren of the occupants” and fans of Latvian choral singing. We offer to listen once again the brilliant performance of “Victory Day” at the Song Festival. Well, who can dispute that the song is beautiful and the performance is excellent?