For Human Rights in a United Latvia Party’s Program for the Elections of European Parliament, 2009


Our goals are:

– Human rights and social security for every resident of Latvia!

– Fair aid in overcoming the crisis for each EU country!

– The right to use native language and to receive education in mother tongue for every nation in Europe!

Most peoples of the European Union had got their deputies in the European Parliament. Tatyana Zhdanok represents in the EP Russian minority of Latvia’s and Russian-speaking community of the EU. She is the leader of the FHRUL list for the elections of 2009. The team of experienced and young politicians starts at the elections together with her.

FHRUL takes part in the European elections in 2009 in order to ensure the continuation of mission of our first European MP. Tatyana Zhdanok have launched the discussion on the Russian-of speaking population Latvia and Estonia in the committees of the European Parliament. The non-citizens have received the right to visa-free travel to most EU countries and Russia. The EU level NGO European Russian Alliance is chaired by Tatyana Zhdanok. The Aliance unites the Russian-speaking public activists of various European countries and has created a new platform for dialogue between the EU and Russia. Tatyana Zdanok supported the activities of the anti-fascist movements in several countries. She has established a special foundation in order to develop the education in Russian language. During the first period of parliament activity Tatyana Zhdanok organized in the EU the exhibition dedicated to the Russian minority of Latvia.

In the new elected MPs of FHRUL will continue the work in favor for the convergence of the EU and Russia, which could become a deciding factor of Europe’s overcoming the economic crisis. Our deputies in the European Parliament will protect human rights and fundamental freedoms, the interests of Latvian industry and agriculture and the social rights of employees. FHRUL stands for joining the efforts of law enforcement institutions of European countries in the fight against crime and corruption. Our future representatives will disseminate in the EU the objective information about the problems of modern Latvia, historical experience and economic potential of our country. Our MPs will go on in supporting projects in education, informing the people of Latvia about the European Union, and the peoples of other countries about Russian minority of Latvia. In the next five years we are going to achieve the right for non-citizens of Latvia to elect the local authorities and members of the European Parliament, as well as the right to work in EU countries on the same conditions as citizens of the European Union.

Implementing the European policy FHRUL cooperates with all people of good will, human rights, ethnic cultural, veterans’ and other NGOs, as well as with trade unions and municipal governments of Latvia. At the EU level FHRUL maintains the partnership with party “European Free Alliance”, its collective members – regional and minorities’ parties, left and environmental movements, the Orthodox community and the Russian minority NGOs of the EU.

The European Parliament has the new tasks in strengthening fiscal discipline and transparency at the level of the EU and in the global banking system in general. EU authorities should be involved in the reform of global finance system in order to ensure sustainable development of the European economy. At the same time we do not accept the rescue of “old” EU countries’ finances at the expense of the new EU members. Latvia should get a fair assistance from the European Union to overcome the difficulties had caused earlier by joining of immature social and economic system of Latvia to the EU market. The need to simplify the rules for obtaining co-financing from EU funds for Latvian businesses and local governments.

During the following term, the European Parliament should decide the fate of the Lisbon Treaty, begin the transition of national welfare and education in the EU competence, ensure the equal proportional support for agriculture in all EU countries. During this period the problem of energy deficit in the Baltic region should be resolved and common Nordic-Russian energy market should be established. Visa-free space of the EU-Russia must be created. At full strength should work European Agency for Fundamental Rights should start working at full capacity. It is necessary to modify the Kyoto Protocol taking into account new data on climate change and identified deficiencies of the former treaty.

In the elections of June 6 we will vote for our reliable and time-tested representatives in Europe! The FHRUL team led by Tatyana Zhdanok is worthy of our choice!