For Human Rights in a United Latvia party’s program for the elections of the 11th Saeima


The extraordinary elections of 2012 give the chance to elect a parliament that will be really able to justify the confidence of the electorate. We must restore the FHRUL parliamentary group in the new Saeima as a bastion of uncompromising opposition to the regime of nationalists and oligarchs.

FHRUL is the party of the Russian community of Latvia. FHRUL is the guarantor of social justice and national equality.

Our goal is to add the Constitution by new provision providing the official status for Russian language in accordance with the draft which already had been supported by signatures of 10,000 Latvian citizens. Only constitutional guarantees for Russian language can ensure the development of the education in Russian from kindergartens to universities and will eliminate discrimination against the Russian-speaking population in employment as well as in contacts with state and local governments.

We believe that the development of our country is possible only on the basis of national equality. Therefore the citizenship must be granted to all non-citizens of Latvia on the immediate and unconditional base.

FHRUL defends the preservation of historical memory and cultural heritage. We are against neo-Nazism and the revision of the results of the World War II. Veterans of the anti-Hitler coalition must get official status and benefits.

FHRUL calls for a radical reduction in the cost of the state apparatus for reducing the number of officials. Latvia has to become the European leader in the state’s friendly attitude towards the public and business. It is necessary to remove the bureaucratic obstacles for business development and to liberate private enterprises from the linguistic pressure. Particular attention should be paid to the needs of small and medium-sized business which is the economic backbone of the Russian-speaking population.

FHRUL calls for the government support for exports and for ensuring fair access for all enterprises to government contracts and EU funds.

All information on the work of government agencies, as well as companies with a predominance of the state capital, should be publicly available. The management of state enterprises must be liberated from political appointees. Officials who had been caught on corruption should be debarred for life to work in government institutions.

FHRUL calls for the gradual reduction of taxes on labor. Adoption of the Euro can not be an end in itself. The main criterion for the success of monetary and fiscal policy should be an increase in public welfare. The state must identify the priority sectors of the economy and provide them the valid government support. We believe that the priority sectors should be: transit, logistics, pharmaceuticals, metalworking, woodworking, food processing and tourism. A plan of state benefits should be adopted for each major investor; this support depends on the number of new jobs for residents of Latvia created by the investor and on the innovative nature of production.

We will work in order to establish a legislative framework for the export of higher education in Russian language.

FHRUL is against rising the retirement age and artificial reducing of pension capital. We have to maintain the system of minimum pensions, allowances and benefits to former employees with experience of more than 30 years, the employees of heavy and hazardous industries. The party advocates the recovery of pensions’ indexation and the tax exemption for pensions which does not exceed 250 lats.

State support for families with children should provide the birth rate at a level sufficient at least for human reproduction.

The right to housing should be enshrined in the Constitution. The state must legally limit the rate of profit and administrative costs for providers of public services and utilities serving housing stock. We believe the real estate restitution had been fulfilled in Latvia is a crime; the party demands to restore pre-crisis program in order to help tenants of denationalized houses. The unrejectable right to buy according to the cadastral value the private land on which stand the apartment buildings should be provided for municipalities and owners of apartments.

FHRUL deputies in the 11th Saeima in cooperation with the representative of the party in the European Parliament will work for rapprochement between the EU and Russia.