The Political Platform of the People’s Harmony Party at the Parliamentary elections to the 7th Saeima. (1998)


The Latvian society shall be based on:

– social and economic stability, consistent observance of Human Rights, security for each person;

– political unity of the nation, uniting all the residents of Latvia, regardless of their ethnic origin, on the basis of democracy and justice;

– balanced foreign policy, aimed at the co-operation with Eastern and Western countries.

Our platform assigns the central place to the fundamental values acknowledged in the world: Human Rights, democratic ethno-politics, and social justice.

Democratic Latvia shall be based on the up-to-date principles of Human Rights, fixed in international treaties. These rights shall be granted to every resident of the country, despite his or her sex, ethnic origin or mother tongue. We consider the fact, that there are a great number of non-citizens in the country, to be the main problem in this field, because citizenship is ‘the right to have rights’. We are for the cardinal solution of the citizenship absence problem. With a view to achieve this goal, we support all the measures, promoting the decrease of non-citizens’ number. We are for the abolition of the differences between the rights of citizens and non-citizens in the social and economic spheres, as well as for giving non-citizens the right to participate in the municipal elections.

We stand for the integration of the Latvian residents of different ethnic origins, integration based on the principles of independent and democratic Latvia, creating a multicultural society reigned by mutual respect and tolerance. We reject racism and xenophobia, support the development and flourishing of the Latvian language and culture, preservation of ethnic, religious and linguistic identity of and education in its mother tongue for every minority group. It is necessary to ratify the European Convention for the Protection of National Minorities and to work out the methods of putting it into effect, including the official recognition of the national minorities’ languages and their usage in the areas inhabited by ethnic and linguistic minorities.

The strengthening of the Latvian language cannot be attained by administrative pressure and penalties. It is necessary to create favourable conditions for mastering the Latvian language. The quality of teaching Latvian in schools with other languages of instruction and the quality of professional teachers’ training must be improved. We believe that improvements in the knowledge of the Latvian language in schools with other languages of instruction could be attained by increasing the number of the Latvian language lessons, but not by teaching general subjects in the Latvian language, which would lead to the lowering of the national minorities’ education level. It is necessary to restore and apply the Law on national minorities’ school board of 1919.

The ability to solve these social and economic problems depends not only on the will of one person, but, first of all, on the general economic situation in the country and distribution of property in the society. We wish to create a society without the poor, which would consist mostly of the middle class, guaranteeing the rights of wage earners.

It is necessary to determine the correlation of property forms according to their economic usefulness for the society. We believe that the State must not only perform indirect economic regulation with the aid of taxes and tariffs, but also participate more actively in the economic life:

– Retaining the control of natural monopolies, transport and transit infrastructure.

– Ensuring more effective management of state enterprises.

– Investing money in the projects, important for economic development.

– Stimulating the development of export, achieving a comeback of the Latvian producers into the Eastern markets and a gradual involvement in the Western markets.

The distribution of subsidies and loans under favourable conditions for agriculture must prevail in the state economic policy.

The exchange-value of the Latvian currency must be supported by the economic development, rather than by artificially created deficiency of financial means. It is necessary to define a possible and an unavoidable budget deficiency level.

The State shall involve the population into investment projects and ensure the safety of deposits at commercial banks.

It is necessary to achieve a strict social control of the privatization processes.

Each resident of Latvia shall be provided with adequate living conditions. It is necessary to adopt the Law on tenants’ rights. The mass eviction of tenants from denationalized flats and houses must be stopped. It is necessary to provide state subsidies to the families, the rent and refund of public utilities that exceed 25 per cent of the family budget. It is necessary to enlarge housing resources of municipalities.

Since the Ministry of Justice delayed the registration of the union in the summer of 1998, the FHRUL lists participated in the Parliamentary elections of 1998 in the name of the People’s Harmony Party.