The program of the union of political organizations For Human Rights in United Latvia at the elections to Riga City Council in 2001


We are for social solidarity, equal treatment of all the residents of the city, irrespective of their mother tongue, ethnic or social origin.

We want the honest people to be elected to Riga City Council, the people who are ready to work for the welfare of the society, the people who have not stained their good name in any illegal deals or illegal privatization.

We stand up for the improvement of living standards for all the residents of Riga.

We are against unlimited power of the officials; the officials must serve the city, not vice versa.

We are against wasting of credits and municipal taxes for inexpedient and ungrounded purchases of municipalities.

We are for the preservation of national minorities’ schools, for the right to use the Russian language in the state and municipal institutions, for the preservation in Riga of cultural monuments from all nations and times.

We strive for assuring food, safety, and warmth for everyone.

It is necessary to support those who can make their living and help those who cannot.

We commit ourselves:

· To create new working places;

· To favour business development;

· To ensure the most efficient use of municipal property;

· To use the criterion of professionalism as the basis for evaluating municipal employees;

· To fight effectively against corruption;

· To improve the overall plan for the city development, paying special attention to the complex micro-district development and the preservation of historical buildings;

· To use most expediently and purposefully the privatization, development, and other funds;

· To back check the legality of the privatization of the major industrial objects, land and real estate;

· To create accessible municipal housing resources, and to finish the construction of municipal housing for that purpose;

· To increase the municipal expenditures for social assistance;

· To not accept the eviction of tenants, especially poor and socially unprotected families and families with children from their apartments, without allocation of other accommodation;

· To abolish ungrounded limitations of alternative heating systems;

· To provide every tenant with an opportunity to settle accounts with public utilities’ services without mediators;

· To work out a mechanism for compensation of health service expenses for the poor residents;

· To carry out regular medical inspections and preventive vaccination of schoolchildren for the means of the municipality;

· To strive for compulsory educational institutions for all the children of school age;

· To increase additional payments to teachers’ wages, to grant additional means for children and youth activities in their spare time;

· To support educational institutions of minorities;

· To support culture and sport programs, municipal culture centres;

· To prevent the duplication of the functions of the State and municipal police and the violations, connected with the lack of coordination between different police units;

· To ensure regular patrol by the municipal police on the city streets.

We believe that:

· The work of all the municipal and State institutions shall be based on the principle of service in the best interest of the client;

· The summaries of the budgets of municipal institutions and detailed audit reports must be available for the public;

· The municipal property should be managed by professional specialists and certified firms;

· We want to see fast, coordinated, and professional actions of the law enforcement institutions in response to people’s applications;

· Municipalities must provide schools with modern educational tools, computers, and access to the Internet.

We shall optimize the work of the municipal institutions by simplifying the bureaucratic procedures.

We shall not allow the increases in rent, public utilities’ payments, nor transport charges.

We shall ensure the creation of the sufficient number of social houses, social flats, kindergartens, and boarding houses for the residents of Riga.

We shall demand quality services from the municipality staff for each visitor, including an answer in the language of the visitor.

We shall provide all the municipalities with a free interpreting service.

We are ready to co-operate with everyone who wants Riga to become a flourishing industrial, scientific, tourist, and culture centre, open for close relations with the Western and Eastern countries.